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Improve Your Short Sale with These Amazing Tips

Missed mortgage payments can eventually result in a foreclosure. You will lose your property and your credit score will suffer a severe decline with a foreclosure on your record. A short sale is possible is most scenarios and can protect your financial interests. An experienced real estate lawyer in Illinois can certainly help you with achieving a short sale with the permission of your lender. Here are some excellent tips to ensure that you can proceed with a short sale in difficult mortgage scenarios. Prepare A Hardship Letter This is a letter... Read more

Misconceptions About Living Trusts You Should Know About

A living trust is a great estate planning instrument that provides numerous benefits, and many legal advisors recommend including one in an estate plan. However, there are several misconceptions and myths surrounding living trusts that people usually hear from family members, friends, and online mediums, leading to the assumption that they are a waste of time and money. To help secure your assets and have complete control over them even after you pass away, here we corrected a few common misconceptions, allowing you to make an informed decision... Read more

Avoiding Foreclosure – Weighing in the Pros and Cons of Mortgage Refinance

If you are facing an imminent foreclosure, you may still have several options at your disposal to save your home, and mortgage refinancing is one of them. It replaces your original mortgage loan and allows you to get a new loan with more flexible terms. It has become a fairly popular option among homeowners because it reduces the interest rates, and sometimes, allow them to get some cash out on their equity loan. While mortgage refinancing may seem like a great way to pay back your debt, it entails several drawbacks as well. It is best that you... Read more

Landlord Discrimination against Residential Renters – What you Need to Know

It is against both federal and state law to discriminate against certain types of tenants. If you are contemplating renting a property, it is best for you to know about different forms of discrimination in order to protect your rights. If your landlord has denied your application for unfair reasons, you can lodge a complaint against them to your relevant state agencies or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. What Constitutes as Landlord Discrimination When a landlord is renting out a property, they have the right to choose the ... Read more

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