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Short Sale Scams Everyone Should Know

An individual needing money or having trouble keeping up with their mortgage payment might consider a short sale. They usually want to sell the property as quickly as possible. They might not be able to pay off the complete mortgage payment from the proceeds received from the short sale; however, it will allow them to catch up with the amount they owe to the mortgage company. There are multiple types of problems that a home buyer or seller might face when hiring a real estate broker, which may include loan fraud or other scams that a broker may... Read more

Using Bankruptcy as A Foreclosure Defense

A homeowner suffering from financial hardships may find it difficult to make their mortgage payments, which may cause complication with the lending institution and possibly lead to a foreclosure. However, the law provides legal rights to homeowners to present their case before the process of foreclosure process begins. Thus, an individual facing the threat of foreclosure should consider hiring a skillful foreclosure defense lawyer to either delay or prevent the foreclosure process. An attorney may employ several foreclosure techniques to defen... Read more

Real Estate: What Are Expert Witnesses?

Retaining services of expert witnesses is a common practice in real estate proceedings. The purpose of an expert witness is to provide assistance to the court in obtaining an understanding of a subject matter related to the case and their statements give a high degree of assurance. As a matter of fact, in many real estate litigations, the court may only accept the testimony of a qualified individual. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that they serve an important role in providing insights about the technical subject matter. Where Can Expert... Read more

Why Should You Not Delay Your Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is an important decision in one’s life. When people find themselves unable to repay their debts, bankruptcy seems like a viable option to de-escalate the situation. The ultimate objective of filing a bankruptcy is personal discharge from financial obligations. Discharge refers to a permanent order issued by the bankruptcy court which relieves an individual from their accrued liabilities. It prevents creditors from pursuing their outstanding debt effective immediately. However, it also has some negative consequences such ... Read more

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