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Why Should You Not Delay Your Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is an important decision in one’s life. When people find themselves unable to repay their debts, bankruptcy seems like a viable option to de-escalate the situation. The ultimate objective of filing a bankruptcy is personal discharge from financial obligations. Discharge refers to a permanent order issued by the bankruptcy court which relieves an individual from their accrued liabilities. It prevents creditors from pursuing their outstanding debt effective immediately. However, it also has some negative consequences such ... Read more

Using Loan Modification as A Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure defense may be a new concept, but it is getting popular in light of increasing foreclosure cases in the United States. It is evident from the share of housing units with a foreclosure filing, which was 0.51 percent in 2017. Moreover, a growing number of successful cases have provided hope to thousands of homeowners to defend their rights. In addition to that, many financial institutions have assumed unorthodox and unaccepted practices pertaining to mortgages and foreclosures, which inadvertently provided homeowners motive and furt... Read more

Why is Estate Planning Important?

Devising a comprehensive and effective estate plan to manage your assets and provide for your family and loved ones after your demise is one of the most critical and important tasks of your life. Unfortunately, a survey conducted by revealed that 58% of U.S adults do not have estate planning documents, such as living trust or a will. A lack of an estate plan can be quite problematic for a family, especially if the person who died was a sole breadwinner of the family. Here are some key reasons stating why estate planning is important:... Read more

Is Buying a Short Sale a Good Idea?

A short sale is an arrangement of selling of a property by the owner of a house, where the amount of mortgage is higher than the value of the home, and they are unable to pay the remainder in a single payment. However, they must prove to the bank that due to financial distress, they cannot pay the remaining amount of mortgage. The banks usually give approval to this arrangement when the processing fees can be higher in case their clients go into foreclosure. According to experienced change to short sale lawyers, people often do not understand t... Read more

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