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Why is Estate Planning Important?

Devising a comprehensive and effective estate plan to manage your assets and provide for your family and loved ones after your demise is one of the most critical and important tasks of your life. Unfortunately, a survey conducted by revealed that 58% of U.S adults do not have estate planning documents, such as living trust or a will. A lack of an estate plan can be quite problematic for a family, especially if the person who died was a sole breadwinner of the family. Here are some key reasons stating why estate planning is important:... Read more

Is Buying a Short Sale a Good Idea?

A short sale is an arrangement of selling of a property by the owner of a house, where the amount of mortgage is higher than the value of the home, and they are unable to pay the remainder in a single payment. However, they must prove to the bank that due to financial distress, they cannot pay the remaining amount of mortgage. The banks usually give approval to this arrangement when the processing fees can be higher in case their clients go into foreclosure. According to experienced short sales lawyers, people often do not understand that buyin... Read more

How A Real Estate Lawyer Can Help You

Purchasing a home property is usually one of the most significant decisions of our lives. However, there are several legal matters pertaining to real estate that comes into the play during the sale or purchase of a property. Each legal issue is unique and poses a special challenge, which requires legal knowledge and insights to understand and take counter measures. A competent real estate lawyer can save you all the legal trouble and deal with all your property related legal matters to ensure that you do not get into any legal trouble. They can... Read more

Planning your Foreclosure Defense

Running behind on your mortgage payments? Is the threat of foreclosure looming over your head? It’s time to start planning your foreclosure defense. The process of foreclosure can be quite stressful and embarrassing. It could have long-term consequences such as a negative impact on your credit score. Furthermore, eviction can cause severe financial problems. Therefore, giving up without a fight is certainly not in your favor. According to foreclosure defense lawyers, a well-planned foreclosure defense can help you make the best out of a bad s... Read more

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