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Common Myths About Wills and Probate in Illinois

Wills and probate are not a likable topic for people to discuss with their family or friends. In fact, most of them even avoid looking into these matters and exploring their options altogether. However, learning about the basics of wills and other aspects of estate planning is essential to realize their importance and benefits for the future of your family. You should take time out to understand the key rudiments of wills and probate in order to be able to tell apart myths from the facts. Here are a few common misconceptions about wills and pro... Read more

Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid During Foreclosure

When a homeowner receives the 90-day foreclosure notice from their lender, they often become confused and overwhelmed as to what they should do to save their home. In all the hassle and commotion, they commit certain mistakes that make their situation worse and the pending foreclosure inevitable. To help you handle the foreclosure process intelligently and rationally, here are a few common mistakes that homeowners make and should be avoided at all costs. Avoiding Contact with the Lender When you begin to miss mortgage payments, your lender may ... Read more

How can a Real Estate Attorney Help You with a Short Sale?

If you have been served a foreclosure notice or the market value of your home has become lower than your mortgage debt, short sale may seem like an attractive option to you. However, like a majority of real estate transactions, there are several legalities involved in the short sale process that can potentially affect your finances. If you are wondering whether you should consider working with an Elgin real estate attorney, the short answer is: yes, you should. Most homeowners, who struggle to pay off their mortgage find themselves facing forec... Read more

Estate Planning for Digital Assets

People nowadays prefer to manage most of their things digitally, mainly because of the utmost convenience the online realm offers to everyone. Whether it is making financial transactions, sending messages and emails, or storing digital files on the cloud, digitization has prevailed in almost every aspect of our lives. But have you ever pondered over what will happen to your digital assets after you die or become incapacitated? Who will manage or distribute them after you? Almost everything online is protected with some kind of PIN, ID, or passw... Read more

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