3 Tips for Showing Homes to Wow Buyers

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Real Estate AttorneyThe Illinois housing market is outpacing last year with an increase not only in home sales, but also in median prices. You can cash in on the trend by selling your property or home. Set the stage for a successful sale by preparing your property for buyers with these home-staging tips:

Clean as if Your Life Depended on it

This may be the first thing you do, but it is surprising how many people don’t do as good a job as they think they can. There is a reason why buyers love that new car smell; it makes the car feel new and untouched. No matter how many years you have been living in your home, you should thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom, either taking on the task yourself or hiring a professional service.

Get the carpet steam cleaned, the tiles scrubbed until they shine, and the windows wiped until you can see your reflection in the glass. On the day of the showing, make sure all the surfaces are clear of crumbs, the trash cans are empty and there is no dust anywhere. Remember to do a quick walkthrough for some last-minute touches.

De-Personalize the Space

If you have a large family, chances are the walls of your home are adorned with framed memories. While this may give you comfort, they can do the opposite for potential buyers. Remember, you must make sure the space doesn’t look lived in.

Before any potential buyers arrive, remove all photographs in your home – not only from the walls, but anywhere you have them. No matter how nice the display is, buyers will see the people on these pictures as strangers, which may put them off.

Clear the Clutter

This should be part of your cleaning process and the premise is simple – all clutter must go. This may not be easy at first, especially if you have certain keepsakes you don’t want to store away just yet. However, potential buyers may not appreciate your collection of crotchet doilies as much as you do.

Clean and clear surfaces give them more visual feedback compared to a cluttered space. The cleared space will also help buyers visualize living in the home with their own decor rather than yours, which can increase the chances of an offer.

The bottom line is that in order to make your home sale-worthy, you should stage it to strike a balance between clean and lived-in. Even though you should get rid of unnecessary clutter, incorporating items that spark joy or comfort can increase your chances of getting a sale. Anything from a basket full of fresh flowers, a bowl of lemons on the kitchen counter or a fruit basket on the living room table can do wonders.

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