4 Tips for Choosing a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

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The U.S. real estate market is still going through turbulence, as evidenced by the rising number of foreclosures witnessed by owners. Statistics show that the number of foreclosures in 2015 has exceeded 1 million, which is pretty high even though it is a three percent decrease as compared to the previous year. Many homeowners facing foreclosure are turning to foreclosure defense attorneys to represent them in court, to ensure they do not lose their homes as a result of fraudulent practices in the real estate market.

If you are in such a situation, seeking help from an experienced attorney can help you get through much of the red tape and minimize the paperwork and time required in making a good case. The attorneys at the Jackson Abdalla Law Group can help you in foreclosure cases. If you need advice on how to choose the right foreclosure defense attorney for your situation, the following are 4 tips you should follow:


1. Make sure you really need a foreclosure attorney

Seeking professional help from a trained and experienced foreclosure attorney can involve a noticeable amount of money. Therefore, it is recommended that you evaluate and determine that you are really in a situation that warrants the guidance of a trained attorney. In some cases, you may not require one, and can just go along with the process by yourself.

To know that you really are in need of a foreclosure attorney, you need to have legitimate foreclosure defense and need someone to assist you in having knowledge of real estate law, paper requirements, and other essentials to make an effective and strong case.

2. Choose a foreclosure attorney who is suitable for your case

To ensure you have an attorney who can represent you in your case, the respective attorney should be highly qualified and experienced. Before signing on with an attorney, you need to set up a meeting and ask about their qualifications along with the number of years they have spent working as a foreclosure attorney, and the types of cases they have dealt with in the past. This will be important in distinguishing experienced attorneys from inexperienced ones.

3. Provide all details to the attorney

It is important to discuss the foreclosure problem you have and ask if the attorney is in a position to resolve it. Feel free to explain your situation to them and provide as much detail as possible. The attorney will then determine the circumstances of the issue, such as whether you were defrauded, lied to, or given a loan that was more than you can afford.

The attorney may also ask for your history of your correspondence with the bank to get a more in-depth understanding of your financial situation.

4. Determine how much they will charge

After providing all the details, make sure you understand how much they are going to charge you and the types of services they are willing to provide under the cost. Additionally, find out whether they will charge a monthly, hourly, or a flat fee.

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