Real Estate: What Are Expert Witnesses?

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Retaining services of expert witnesses is a common practice in real estate proceedings. The purpose of an expert witness is to provide assistance to the court in obtaining an understanding of a subject matter related to the case and their statements give a high degree of assurance. As a matter of fact, in many real… Read more »

Why Should You Not Delay Your Bankruptcy?

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Filing for bankruptcy is an important decision in one’s life. When people find themselves unable to repay their debts, bankruptcy seems like a viable option to de-escalate the situation. The ultimate objective of filing a bankruptcy is personal discharge from financial obligations. Discharge refers to a permanent order issued by the bankruptcy court which relieves… Read more »

Why is Estate Planning Important?

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Devising a comprehensive and effective estate plan to manage your assets and provide for your family and loved ones after your demise is one of the most critical and important tasks of your life. Unfortunately, a survey conducted by revealed that 58% of U.S adults do not have estate planning documents, such as living… Read more »

Is Buying a Short Sale a Good Idea?

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A short sale is an arrangement of selling of a property by the owner of a house, where the amount of mortgage is higher than the value of the home, and they are unable to pay the remainder in a single payment. However, they must prove to the bank that due to financial distress, they… Read more »

How A Real Estate Lawyer Can Help You

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Purchasing a home property is usually one of the most significant decisions of our lives. However, there are several legal matters pertaining to real estate that comes into the play during the sale or purchase of a property. Each legal issue is unique and poses a special challenge, which requires legal knowledge and insights to… Read more »

Planning your Foreclosure Defense

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Running behind on your mortgage payments? Is the threat of foreclosure looming over your head? It’s time to start planning your foreclosure defense. The process of foreclosure can be quite stressful and embarrassing. It could have long-term consequences such as a negative impact on your credit score. Furthermore, eviction can cause severe financial problems. Therefore,… Read more »

Estate Planning 101

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Death is an eventuality everyone has to face so it is only practical to prepare yourself by putting all your matters in order. Every person has a number of things they own such as jewelry, bonds, cash, stock investments and real estate property. Most people wish their children to have their things and properties once… Read more »