Estate Planning: FAQs about Guardianship

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As the clock ticks on, one generation matures while the other enters the phase where it needs care. As children enter adulthood, they are faced with the responsibility to provide care for their aging parents. This shift of roles may seem natural, but it is often times difficult to deal with for many people. In… Read more »

What Are Your Options When Facing Foreclosure?

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Not so very long ago, the outcome of a legal foreclosure proceeding was largely predictable; and, more often than not, it was likely that a homeowner who defaulted on his or her mortgage loan would overwhelmingly lose that home to the lender. The foreclosure–and the foreclosure process generally—mostly favored lenders and banks s because those… Read more »

Questions to Ask a Real Estate Lawyer

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Buying and selling real estate are crucial matters, and it is highly recommended that you have a qualified legal professional by your side to ensure things go smoothly. Whether you are looking to invest in a property, a foreclosure, a short sale-or if you have encountered unexpected problems during a real estate transaction, a real… Read more »

The Need for an Estate Planning Attorney

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Death is understandably a difficult topic to discuss, let alone think about. Many of us avoid the topic at all costs, and the statistics validate this notion. The American Bar Association, for example, estimates that nearly 55% of Americans leave their heirs without a will or an estate plan. In the absence of these plans,… Read more »