Choosing The Right Person To Serve As Trustee

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Many people choose to create a living trust as part of their comprehensive estate plan. Transferring ownership of your assets and property to a trust can have many benefits, including avoiding probate, protections from taxation and creditors, and greater control over how your estate is distributed after you pass away. A trust is a legal… Read more »

Condo Disputes Involving Construction Defects

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Legal disputes involving condos can arise in many different ways, including abuse of condo owners by the homeowner’s association (HOA), HOA violations of state law, allegations that neighbors have violated HOA guidelines, nuisance claims, and many more. While any type of condo-related legal dispute can be complex, one of the most complicated can be disputes… Read more »

Is a Short Sale Right For You?

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Falling behind on your mortgage and facing the possibility of losing your home or business to foreclosure can be highly stressful. Fortunately for struggling homeowners, there are ways to avoid foreclosure and find a solution to behind mortgage payments. An experienced Elgin real estate attorney can evaluate your situation and determine your legal options. One… Read more »

Foreclosure Defenses in Illinois

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  Foreclosure is a time in one’s life when everything feels like it is out of control. It is a time when the experienced advice of a good attorney can make a huge difference. While it can feel hopeless to try to avert the foreclosure in many cases, there are both legal and equitable defenses… Read more »