Batavia Bankruptcy Lawyers

Legal Support for Your Financial Burdens

When unforeseen life events arise, the resulting bills and income losses can leave you struggling just to make ends meet.

In these situations, declaring bankruptcy may be the best option for regaining control of your finances.

However, the bankruptcy process can be extremely confusing for legal novices. Simple mistakes committed during the filing and court proceedings could sink your case altogether.

  • Depending on your circumstances certain types of bankruptcy may be wholly inappropriate for your current needs i.e filing for a chapter 13 instead of a chapter 7.
  • By claiming unnecessary property exemptions, you open yourself up to losing these assets during the liquidation process.
  • Any proceeds obtained from assets that were sold prior to the bankruptcy could be recovered and dispersed to creditors. These items may have been exempted had they been handled appropriately during the filing.
  • Under Illinois law, there are a range of forms that you will need to submit as part of the bankruptcy process. The specific combination of documents will differ depending on the nature of your bankruptcy case. Failing to meet these requirements will result in a rejected petition.
  • Failure to communicate the full details of your debts and assets could leave you in a vulnerable situation if the court-appointed trustee finds any discrepancies.

The only way to steer clear of these issues and a whole host of other potential concerns is by hiring an attorney to oversee your case.

At Jackson Abdalla, our bankruptcy lawyers in Batavia work with clients across Illinois to find optimal legal solutions that meet their specific needs.

Why Choose Our Batavia Bankruptcy Attorneys?


Our team has years of experience working in bankruptcy law for both individuals and businesses across Batavia and neighboring areas of Illinois. As a result, they are comfortable with every facet of the filing process including timeframes for submission, key details for submission, and how to present these details to satisfy the court. We also know how to communicate your case to the court during subsequent hearings.


When we prepare a course of action for our clients, we do so with full awareness of their current assets, debts, and expenses. Based on this knowledge we are able to determine:

  • Whether you should file for bankruptcy and the type of filing that you should pursue.
  • The debts that we will be able to reduce or discharge entirely.
  • How to reorganize your debts to allow for efficient and comfortable repayment.
  • The assets that you can retain.
  • How to decrease the resulting tax burden
  • How to minimize the impact on your credit.

Peace of Mind

Not only will we represent you in all bankruptcy-related negotiations and legal proceedings, but we can also provide a barrier between you and your creditors. Once you have an attorney on board you can refer all of these callers to our offices.

At you in Batavia and need help with your bankruptcy filing? Contact an experienced attorney today by calling Jackson Abdalla at (773) 550-3853.