Carpentersville Bankruptcy Lawyers

A Fresh Start for Your Finances

While bankruptcy may seem like a drastic measure to help improved your financial situation, it will enable you to relieve your debts while giving you room to get your bank accounts back to a healthier state.

Why File for Bankruptcy?

  • As you fall further and further behind on outstanding bills, your creditors will become increasingly aggressive in their attempts to recover fees. In the case of bank and credit card loans, these amounts will continue to accumulate interest which will only make your position more difficult. Filing for bankruptcy introduces an automatic stay order on all collection’s efforts including wage garnishments and calls.
  • If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy through our law firm in Carpentersville, then you may be able to discharge a number of longstanding debts including large medical bills, business obligations, as well as overdue rent or utilities.
  • While bankruptcy will negatively impact your credit score, it will also give you a chance to improve your situation after obtaining debt relief. With prudent financial management you may well be able to obtain credit at more favorable terms only a few short years after your initial filing.
  • You and your family will be freed from the constant stress of servicing multiple financial obligations on an increasingly stretched income.

Why Choose Carpentersville Bankruptcy Lawyers

Proactive Guidance

Bankruptcy law is one of the few officially recognized specializations in the field. As such, coming to terms with the various legal and financial mechanisms surrounding Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies is no easy matter.

At Jackson Abdalla, we can talk you through every aspect of your case. From specific debt-relief solutions to the type of bankruptcy you should file for, the assets you can claim exemptions on, and how other property will be dealt with during the post-filing proceedings – we will be on hand to offer our recommendations at each stage so that you’re always equipped to make the best decisions.

Filing Assistance

Proper documentation and accurately filled forms are essential to this legal process. Our bankruptcy attorneys in Carpentersville will be on hand to help you in the collection of all records related to incomes, assets, liabilities and taxes. They will prepare applicable forms for the specific type of bankruptcy, review them for completeness, submit them on favorable schedule, and provide any follow-up documentation required by the court.

This will help us to minimize chances of:

  • Case delays.
  • Case dismissals.
  • Creditor objections.

Comprehensive Representation

The court proceedings which follow a bankruptcy filing can be stressful for legal novices. During these meetings you will be asked to answer questions from a court-appointed trustee, and the information you communicate could potentially have grave implications on the success of your case.

As your attorneys we can represent you during confirmation hearings and any subsequent meetings that arise due to creditor objections. We can also field calls from creditors that are still attempting to collect on debts during the bankruptcy period.

To schedule a no-obligation consultation with an experienced Carpentersville bankruptcy attorney, call us today at (773) 550-3853.