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How Short Sales Work in Illinois

A short sale can be emotionally devastating for borrowers, but it is the last resort if you are not able to make payments on time. When the lender approves it, that means they are willing to sell the property for less than the remaining balance you have on your mortgage. It’s a way for them to recover damages without involving a lengthy and costly legal battle. The process is broken down into four parts: Step 1 – The Pre-Foreclosure Process This is when the homeowner has fallen behind on the mortgage payments.  The homeowner needs to d... Read more

3 Tips for Showing Homes to Wow Buyers

The Illinois housing market is outpacing last year with an increase not only in home sales, but also in median prices. You can cash in on the trend by selling your property or home. Set the stage for a successful sale by preparing your property for buyers with these home-staging tips: Clean as if Your Life Depended on it This may be the first thing you do, but it is surprising how many people don’t do as good a job as they think they can. There is a reason why buyers love that new car smell; it makes the car feel new and untouched. No matter ... Read more

What You Should Know About Illinois’ Probate Law

If you pass away in Illinois but leave a will behind, it may go through probate. This process is designed to clarify who inherits your properties and to ensure your standing debts and taxes are paid off. This is overseen by a designated executor who must: Determine and inventory your assets; Pay relevant outstanding taxes and debts; Distribute the property as mentioned in your will; Get the assets appraised, and; Prove in court your will is valid. Essential Steps in the Probate Process There are several steps that go into completing the proba... Read more

Making a Valid Will in Illinois

If you want to ensure your estate and assets go to the people you love, you need to create a last will and testament. In Illinois, these allow the testator, i.e. the individual preparing the will, the chance to ensure their loved ones will be taken care of in case they pass away. Aside from family and friends, you also can leave charitable donations to non-profits in your will. In case you pass away without drafting a will, according to the Illinois probate process, the court will designate a personal executor to your estate and that individual... Read more

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