Business Law

Elgin, IL Business Law Firm

It takes a certain kind of person to open and run their own business. With all of the hard work and dedication it takes launch a successful business in today’s economy, you need to make sure you have everything squared away from day one. While many entrepreneurs are savvy business individuals, they don’t always know the best way to go about forming their businesses as a legal entity. The fact is that there are different tax and liability structures for different types of legal organizations, and you don’t want to run into any problems down the road because you didn’t properly form your company. In addition to helping you form your company, we can also help you with employee matters. Most new business owners have their work cut out for them because they don’t know where to get started with employee agreements. Fortunately, we can help you iron out the details to make sure everything is in order if you are hiring new employees.

The full list of business law services we can provide are as follows:

  • Corporate formation
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Not-For-Profit Corporations
  • Limited and General Partnerships
  • Joint Ventures
  • Employment Agreements
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Review of Commercial Lease
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Reorganizations
  • General business matters

Don’t leave the future of your business at risk. After pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into your company, you would be remiss to find out that you made a small mistake during the formation process that sets you back for years to come and robs you of valuable time and money. Instead, contact the Jackson Abdalla Law Group for assistance forming your business. We can use our years of experience with business law to secure a bright a future for your business so you can work with the peace of mind that everything is in order.