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A contract is, in its most basic form, a promise that is legally enforceable. In order to create a valid contract, two or more parties need to make a mutual agreement and typically one party makes the offer and other parties accept the offer. But if one of the stakeholders in the contract doesn’t live up to their end of the bargain, the other parties are rightfully entitled to recourse. But contract law isn’t as simple as reading the contract to find who was in the wrong and filing a lawsuit to recoup financial damages. Many times lawsuits regarding contract laws seek to have the offending party uphold their end of the bargain. This is referred to as specific performance, but contract law goes much deeper than this concept.

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Contract law often exists to answer many other questions. For example, sometimes it needs to be determined if a valid contract existed in the first place. If a valid contract was not created, it is not going to be enforceable. Other times it needs to be determined if a valid contract was actually violated. In the event that the contract was really violated, then it needs to be determined what form of restitution or compensation the injured party is entitled to.

But there is one problem with contracts. The specific language used to form a contract can have meanings that aren’t always apparent and easily understood by the vast majority of Americans. As such, you need to ensure the success of your contract by seeking representation from an attorney who has an intimate understanding of contract law. If you think your contract has been breached and you need legal assistance, contact the Jackson Abdalla Law Group. We understand how challenging contract law can be, and we want to fight on your behalf.