Real Estate: What Are Expert Witnesses?

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Real Estate AttorneyRetaining services of expert witnesses is a common practice in real estate proceedings. The purpose of an expert witness is to provide assistance to the court in obtaining an understanding of a subject matter related to the case and their statements give a high degree of assurance. As a matter of fact, in many real estate litigations, the court may only accept the testimony of a qualified individual. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that they serve an important role in providing insights about the technical subject matter.

Where Can Expert Witness Come Useful?

Expert witnesses can prove their worth in different instances. For example, during the partition case related to real estate, an accounting professional can help in the analysis of costs for the common benefits and partition. This can be extremely important, especially at the distribution stage, because these calculations are used to determine the final amount of distribution.

Another example where the services of an expert witness can be invaluable is the valuation of real estate property. An appraiser is a qualified professional who provides an opinion about the value of the property. This valuation can be crucial in the determination of amount that may be awarded to an individual.

Another scenario can be a case of professional negligence related to a real estate transaction. The court must evaluate facts and circumstances pertaining to the case to determine whether a real estate professional has met a reasonable standard of care while rendering their services. The input of an expert witness can help the court to understand the same, enabling them to gauge the situation more reliably.

Role of A Real Estate Lawyer In Testifying Expert Witnesses

Testimony of expert witnesses can play a big role in your real estate claim, therefore, it can be highly advantageous for your case to procure the services of an experienced real estate lawyer for testifying the witnesses. Equipped with their vast experience and knowledge related to legal proceedings, your real estate lawyer will ask the relevant questions to the expert witness to substantiate the facts and devise a solid case in your favor.

Moreover, having a seasoned real estate lawyer on your side can allow you to strengthen your claim as they know how to cross-examine the facts and present them to the court in a manner that can be beneficial for your claim.

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