What to look for in an Estate Planning Attorney

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Estate Planning AttorneyDo you know what to look for when hiring an estate planning attorney? Before choosing a reliable and competent estate planning attorney, there are some essential points you must keep in mind, such as estate planning is not limited to testament and wills.

An attorney with expertise in estate planning will help draft living trusts and develop a plan to avoid or mitigate different estate taxes. You will need a seasoned estate planning attorney for all your major estate planning decisions.

Follow these tips to choose the right estate planning attorney.

Qualities to Consider in a Estate Planning Attorney

An estate planning attorney must possess the necessary experience in handling various complex estate planning tasks and cases. The financial situation and real estate matters for each family are unique. Ideally, an estate planning attorney should have relevant experience in:

  • Preparing and managing the last will, living will and testament
  • Come up with the power of attorneys, which include a durable power of attorney
  • Structuring trusts in a way it helps prevent loss of assets in an event where you might need long-term healthcare at a nursing home in the future.
  • The attorney should be able to work with different forms of trusts, due to any unique circumstances in the future. For example, you might need an irrevocable trust where you will need an estate planning attorney well versed in different forms of trusts.
  • The attorney you hire for your estate planning must have considerable knowledge and practice about this particular area of law. It’s essential for the attorney to be aware of the estate planning laws in Illinois.

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