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Estate Planning & Estate Planning Attorneys in Elgin, IL

We are dedicated to helping our clients find the best path towards a bright future. As such, we are personally invested in all of our clients’ cases. No one understands better than we do how difficult and challenging legal matters can be. Other law firms only care about their bottom line, but we know that our legal experience has the ability to change lives for the better. Let’s face it – legal problems are no laughing matter and hiring an inexperienced attorney can haunt you for years to come. That’s why we treat every case we work on with the utmost care and respect. No two legal issues are the same – even within the same legal practice area. For that reason we are always attentive and responsive to our client’s unique needs.

Meeting the Unique Needs of Our Clients

Some law firms take a different approach. They see every real estate case as just another real estate case and they treat every business law case exactly the same. But there’s one problem with this kind of thinking: no two cases are exactly the same and even the smallest differences can cause a drastically different outcome. Furthermore, we understand that the outcome of your case doesn’t only affect you personally. There are many people who love and care about you, and the outcome of your case can easily affect the livelihood of your family and loved ones.

Attention to Detail and Respect for Our Clients

We proudly represent residents throughout the Chicago area including Lake, McHenry, Kane, DuPage, Cook and Will counties. It is our job to serve and protect our clients from legal matters outside their knowledge and control. And our attention to detail has garnered us an outstanding reputation amongst our clients and peers within Kane County and the greater Chicago area. When you are faced with legal challenges and you can't figure out what your next move is, contact Jackson Abdalla Law Group for a consultation to find the best course of action.

What Our Clients Say

  • Rita Terry

    “ Julie Jackson is a very, passionate and patience person to talk with. Ms. Jackson gives you good personal and sound advice. I love that Ms. Jackson whenever you talk with her is always willing to go above and beyond of helping you in your situation. I highly recommend Ms. Jackson's Law group as a firm that I would use in it's expertise. ”

  • Kim Ellis

    “ Julia was recommended to me by my brother. She assisted on two real estate purchases. Julia is very knowledgeable and made sure we understood the process through closing. I should mention that one of the deals fell through due to problems with the buyer and HOA which Julia helped to uncover. I would recommend Julia and I will definitely contact her again on the next real estate purchase. ”

  • Mark Faustrum

    “ Juli is awesome to work with, she is professional, patient and knowledgeable. No one likes when they NEED a lawyer but having Juli on your side can help make the process easier. ”

  • Dr. Sharon Shay

    “ It has been such of a pleasure working with Attorney Julia Jackson. She has been so professional and assisted me with each step in this process. I would highly recommend her to others. ”

  • Paul Plevritis

    “ I felt very confident that Julia would give me solid advice. The work was completed on time and I did not feel ignored. Very excellent relations with this office. ”

  • Heather West

    “ Julia is very accommodating and easy to work with. Julia even generously offered to come by my house for POA documents and keys. She helped me with my closing for the sale of my investment property and is assisting me with a law suit as well. Mrs Jackson is very knowledgeable and helpful. ”

  • Dan Perillo

    “ Julia is a great attorney and is attention to detail. Been using her for the last few years and she is very easy to work with and communication is awesome! ”

  • Christine Ortiz

    “ Julia is so knowledgeable, and detail oriented she was able to handle all the last minute closing details on the sale of our property, she was so helpful throughout the process, I would definitely contact her again if I ever need a lawyer! Five star thanks again! ”